Round StudioWhy round? We believe that a round studio space is ideal for work and play.

High ceilings with a round skylight lets in natural light and provides great star gazing. The freedom of a circular room with a suspended ceiling is great for group meetings, yoga or various musical activities given it’s natural outstanding acoustic qualities.

Even with a small square footage, you get a feeling of tremendous space with our 10 foot walls and 14 foot ceiling and no posts to clutter up the open concept design.


  • 439 square feet “keyhole” layout
  • 21 foot circle diameter, 16 sided circle
  • 8’x12′ build-out for mudroom, storage and/or bathroom


  • 10′ high walls, 2×6 construction
  • 14′ high in center under the skylight
  • 5/12 roof slope on circle, 3/12 over mudroom
  • engineered suspended roofing system
  • 4′ diameter skylight
  • 2×6″ walls, 2×10″ floor joists, 2×12″ rafters for max insulation


  • 3’x5′ windows (5 on front)
  • 1 1/2’x3 windows up high (2 on circle, 1 on back of mudroom)
  • 3 pane fibreglass round skylight
  • 4′ diameter x 12″ high steel compression ring


  • Specs for low-cost pier/footings
  • Suitable for sloped lot

Construction Engineering

  • Design & seismic loads for Nelson B.C. Canada
  • BC code requirements for excavation, backfill, concrete, metal fabrication, concrete anchors, timber fasteners, wood framing/trusses

$250 Construction Plans
(Plan PDF, AutoCAD .dwg and Material List .xls file)

Construction Time Lapse Video

Round House Tour by Nelson Tiny Homes